Managing Your Portfolio – Leaping those “Change” Moments

As PMO Portfolio, Programs, and Projects struggle to get the most out of their IT resources, capacity management and risk management issues essentially start rearing their heads once the portfolio is in the execution phase. …

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Managing Offshore Teams

The site was launched October 7, 2010 through the effort of our offshore team in Egypt.  How did it go so smoothly, we’ll I’ll share a secret with you; Google Docs and Skype babie!

For a PM, these tools are priceless when it comes to collaboration with offshore teams and/or anybody that has a stake with a project.   Yes, there are tools such as WebEx and other collaboration tools, but they cost mucho dinero people! After working for many Wall Street companies and with todays companies cutting costs here and there,  we/I don’t have the luxuries of purchasing the tools to streamline processes and keep everyone informed, therefore, these new tools have allow me  to keep everyone synced up and address issues as they come along.  Thus, saving the project time and money in the long run.

As business start thinking about cutting costs and managing their process more efficiently, these tools which are free and efficient to use work very well.  Google docs allows you to share documents and prioritize project tasks and Skype allows you to do conference calls with one or many team members.  Plus, when working with the development team, you can use Skype screen share to review code, documents as needed.

If companies (large or small) take a look at these free collaboration tools, they could save mucho dinero! Get with it and start running your business more efficiently by using these tools.

Yes, these tools have been around;  but after talking with a friend from a Fortune 15 company and learning how they collaborate with their off shore team on project assignments;  I was amazed how inefficient and how much money is wasted.

What prompted me to write this article was simply that I was taking things for granted and people needed to know that there are other and easier ways to be more efficient when it comes to collaborating with offshore teams.

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