Managing Your Portfolio – Leaping those “Change” Moments

As PMO Portfolio, Programs, and Projects struggle to get the most out of their IT resources, capacity management and risk management issues essentially start rearing their heads once the portfolio is in the execution phase. …

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Rain, wind didn’t deter the Spirit of Pasadena’s 1/2 & Marathon on

pasamarathonRain, wind didn’t deter the Spirit of Pasadena’s 1/2 & Marathon on
Sunday. It seem like the rain was following the runners around because
every time I looked up at the sky, it was clear everywhere else. I
figure, it was just a bad race day, but then I looked at my results
and wow, two minutes off my record 🙂 and a new course record for me
because it was the first time Pasadena has had a 1/2 marathon race :).
 Senor Lionel Adams I’m sure did that Pasadena race in record pace as
well right Lionel?
Commitment sign up races:
April – Boston Marathon (Lionel Adams)
May – OC Marathon (Doug)
May 31–San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon(David, Carmen, Norma)
July 19 – Sonoma 70.3 Vineman Ironman (Frank)
July 26–San Francisco (David) 1/2 Marathon (the course that goes over
the GG Bridge…they have two half marathon cours

Not Committed
Anyone’s who name is not on the list has not signed up for race.
Remember, if you want to achieve something, you have to sign up for a
race and JustCommit! We’re here to help..

Also, please remember that staying fit is a commitment for life and
not just a “summer” thing. Exercise has proven that it helps keep
stress down and keeps people happy. It doesn’t matter what you and/or
what level you are at as long as you’re out and about!

Lastly, if you really think about it, exercise for us a choice and
luxury item that we shouldn’t take for granted.  Look at the world
around and you don’t see people doing this a hobby!

Training on Saturday:
Training will commence on Saturday at 7pm – Location Backbay corner of
East Bluff/Jamboree (entrance).

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