Managing Your Portfolio – Leaping those “Change” Moments

As PMO Portfolio, Programs, and Projects struggle to get the most out of their IT resources, capacity management and risk management issues essentially start rearing their heads once the portfolio is in the execution phase. …

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Tips on viral success.

Finding the recipe for getting your content viral may not be as hard as you think.  After several years of working in the industry, there really isn’t much science around getting something viral on the internet. Basically and as outline in this article, it’s pretty straight forward (What’s the secret to viral success? It’s so obvious).

In short, the article focuses on the following: “The secret to [BuzzFeed’s] viral success is to find stuff that’s already a minor viral success and make it better,” Manjoo wrote. “Repeat the process enough, and you’re bound to get a few mega-hits. “That’s not genius. It’s a machine.”

Pretty straight forward right? Yea, sure, the problem I see with finding the small viral areas and making it better is like herding cats, in addition, what type of effort or man power does it require get a decent amount of hits to your product? Specifically, how many times do you need to “Repeat” the process? I believe that it can work, but not so easily by your average person.

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