Managing Your Portfolio – Leaping those “Change” Moments

As PMO Portfolio, Programs, and Projects struggle to get the most out of their IT resources, capacity management and risk management issues essentially start rearing their heads once the portfolio is in the execution phase. …

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Do you have the right tools to communicate well in your job?


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Too many methods. Do you know which method is right for your environment?


Tips and general lessons learned for applying professionalism to your environment.


The purpose of this category is to describe how you can use your Project Management skills to manage social responsibility.


Will You Perform?

lightbulbEveryone at some point in our lives comes across a circumstance where your services are required to perform on a particular task.  The  question is, will you be ready for it and are you up to the challenge?

I’m a firm believer that if you challenge yourself with difficult task(s) or integrate yourself with activities that do not come easily to you to resolve or simply be good at;  you will undoubltly become better at handling task appropriately when you are called on to perform.

For example,  if you are a project manager (PM) and you do not have good people skills; then, most likley the PM roll will cause you more headach’s than you ever anticipated because working with people effectively is truely an art.   I say this because in a group of room and/or a meeting,  you don’t really know anything about the people surrounding you in respect to their background,  life challenges,  economics,  or simply what’s going on in their lives at that point in time.

To better yourself with what you are lacking; for instance people skills, then here are some tips to help you improve:

  • Join some non-profits.
  • While you wait in line for something, talk with the people around you.
  • Always be friendly, smile and/or simply say hello and see where that leads you to.

Join a Non-Profits. Yes, absolutely the best way to improve your skills! I consider it two fold. One you’re giving back to the community and secondly, you get nothing in return other than dozes of self improvement opportunities.  I call this the sand box and/or hands on training to find ways to continually improve yourself.

You never know who’s around you and why not just simply turn around while you wait in line and start talking to somebody.  If the saying is true that everyone knows somebody from your circle of friends, then by goolly you might run into somebody that share a mutual friend.

Always be professional and cordial.  Again, there’s enough things going on with peoples lives and therefore meeting somebody and being friendly might be the best thing that has happened to that person that day.

Lastly, you only get one shot at making a good impression so make it count!


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